We are SAMSUNG PHARM, a company leading the 21st century.

We, SAMSUNG PHARM, were founded on August 15, 1929 with the founding idea of “Protection of Citizens’ Health.”
We have valued human life as the most precious, believing there is no value or hope bigger than life in this world and life is the basis of all matters in human being’s living. Based on this belief, we, SAMSUNG PHARM, have been exerting our best in the development of excellent up-to-date pharmaceuticals in order to promote citizens’ health and exterminate diseases.

Never being satisfied with above, we will advance into various fields related with citizens’ healthy life and health hygiene based on our accumulated technologies and experience in pharmaceutical industry, to grow into SAMSUNG PHARM moving ahead wider and higher into the world.
Welcoming the “Globalized,” “Advanced” and “Informationalized” 21st century in the new millenium, we will continuously provide more abundant and excellent pharmaceutical informations through multi-faceted communications and contacts with all citizens as well as people all over the world while accommodating opinions of all customers.
With farsighted vision,
SAMSUNG PHARM will exert the best effort based on “Knowledge Management” to lead the 21st century.