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Use Period
24months from production date.
Store in a cool, dry area.
dark brown liquid, unique flavor and smell, no strong smell & substance.
Main Raw Materials
ssanghwa extract[White woodland peony, dried orange peel, dried roots of Korean angelica, cinnamon, steamed and dried roots of rehmannia, dried roots of lovage, Chinese liquorice] etc.
- White woodland peony , dried orange peel , dried roots of Korean angelica , cinnamon , steamed and dried roots of rehmannia , dried roots of lovage ,Chinese liquorice.
Dosage and Usage
Drink one whole bottle
Directions for the use of medicine


Precipitation is natural occurrence, shake well before drink. Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct heat and light. To report unsanitary[low-quality] foods, call 1399 from anywhere nationwide.


[Return & exchange]

The alteration of the product distribution process will be exchanged at the purchase store or head office customer counseling.

If any defects of product found, we may compensate based on Standard of consumer dispute resolution notified by Fair Trade Commission.