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    QIs it alright to take Gasmyungsu frequently?

    A The main ingredients of Gasmyungsu consist of 4 kinds of medicinal herbs which help digestion, where each ingredient is used not only as a pharmaceutical but also as a medical herb commonly used in the market. When it is taken following the dosage and usage written in the label on the bottle, it is alright.

    QDoes gas help digestion?

    A Gas is carbon dioxide which is identical to the ones used in carbonated drinks. You will notice that carbonated drinks help digestion when you feel indigestion. The reason is that carbonic acid is an acid while the sparkling gas excites the stomach wall promoting the gastrointestinal motility temporarily. It is especially effective to ease off stomach’s bloating symptom.

    QI am pregnant. Can I take Gasmyungsu?

    A Pregnant woman needs to choose every kind of food and medicines carefully. Gasmyungsu is made of pure medicinal herb ingredients so a pregnant woman can take it safely, but it is better not to take it in early pregnancy. Also, in case you are sensitive to herb medicines, please consult doctor or pharmacist before taking it and decide.

    QWhere should gasmyungsu be stored? In the refrigerator?

    A Gasmyungsu is to be stored in room temperature(1~30℃) in principle, but if you want to feel the effect of carbonate acid contained in the product, take it after storing in the refrigerator. However, please note that for people who have a disease related with stomach, taking a cold digestive medicine may strain stomach.

    QWhich is better, Gasmyungsu? or Buchaepyo?

    A The effectiveness of the two products is identical since they are the digestive medicines containing herb ingredients promoting digestion, but there is difference in type and mix proportion. Gasmyungsu has the tradition of being the original product as the sparkling digestive medicine developed for the first time in Korea.