• 권한이 없습니다.

    QWhat is the difference from the ordinary refreshing drinks?

    A Guarana which is the main raw material helps relieving anxiety and forgetfulness while making blood circulation smooth by removing cholesterol. It is a functional beverage having ingredients, such as, red ginseng extract which helps fatigue recovery, taurin, Chinese matrimony vine and royal jelly which supplies energy, B-vitamins and L-Carnitine as reinforcement in addition to guarana.

    QWhat is the taste of YA?

    A It is a carbonate drink having sour lime flavor and sweet melon flavor, which everybody can enjoy without any burden. Since it contains red ginseng extract and royal jelly, a slightly bitter taste can be felt at the end.

    QWhere can I buy it?

    A YA(general use/bottle) can be purchased in a convenience stores such as Seven-Eleven, Mini-Stop or Family-Mart, while YA!(Original/can) can be purchased in an expressway service area and ordinary distribution agencies.

    QWhat is the difference between the caffeine in YA and the caffeine in coffee?

    A YA contains extract of guarana which is a tropical fruit. The caffeine contained in guarana is a material which does not stimulate nerves unlike the caffeine in an ordinary coffee or tea, relieving anxiety and forgetfulness while helping concentration as well as making blood circulation smooth by removing cholesterol.

    QDose it really make sleep go away?

    A Upon testing against 50 people who frequently work at night(average night duty:4 times a week, working hour per day: over 12 hours), it was found that 9 out of 10 people who drank YA experienced effective elimination of sleepiness. It may vary according to constitution, condition or situation of an individual.