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    QTo whom does “Eyetect” show the excellent effect?

    A Eyetect by SAMSUNG PHARM is prescribed by the combination therapy of 사유 which is of animal origin and retinol, and is effective in improving eyesight of the persons whose eyes grow dim and dry, office workers using computer for a long time, examinees, youths and preventing senile eye diseases.

    QWhat is the difference between Eyetect and existing eye nutrients?

    A Existing eye nutrients are of the single agent using retinol oil(vitamin A) as the main ingredient, but Eyetect by SAMSUNG PHARM is of the combination agent which includes not only retinol oil but also 사유 and vitamin D.

    QIs it good for examinees?

    A Absolutely. It is definitely good for all examinees regardless of men or women. It not only improves eyesight but also keeps eyes wet, therefore it is an absolutely needed product for youth in the growth period.

    QWhat is the difference between lutein which is popular these days?

    A It can be said as the difference between general pharmaceuticals and health food. Lutein ingredient is not a general pharmaceutical. Lutein is an ingredient which is certified individually as a health functional food which can be regarded as a nutritional supplement for eyes. If Eyetect by SAMSUNG PHARM is taken together with a product having lutein ingredient, it will help greatly in supplying nutrition to the eyes and recovering and improving eyesight.