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    QSince a while ago, I’ve been feeling uncomfortable whenever I eat, feeling my stomach bloated. My digestion is not good and burps keep out continuously.

    stomach bloated. My digestion is not good and burps keep out continuously. A A variety of symptoms including domperidon, feeling bloat and full of gas, nausea, vomit, pain in epigastrium, etc are called dyspepsia, which is commonly experienced by most people. Gasmyungsu F is a herb medicine digestant composed of 11 kinds of herbal ingredients including cinnamon, clove and 건강, which are effective to stomach distension, indigestion, overeating, nausea, vomit and loss of appetite.

    QI am pregnant. Can I take Gasmyungsu F?

    A A Pregnant woman needs to choose every kind of food and medicines carefully. Gasmyungsu is made of pure medicinal herb ingredients so a pregnant woman can take it safely, but it is better not to take it in early pregnancy. Also, in case you are sensitive to herb medicines, please consult doctor or pharmacist before taking it and decide.

    QIs it alright to take Gasmyungsu F continuously for a long time?

    A The main ingredients of Gasmyungsu F consist of 11 kinds of medicinal herbs which help digestion, where each ingredient is used not only as a pharmaceutical but also as a medical herb commonly used in the market. When it is taken following the dosage and usage written in the label on the bottle, it is alright. However, when a person having gastritis, hyperacidity or stomach ulcer take it everyday for a long time or excessive amount for a long time, ingredients contained in it such as carbon dioxide or capsicum tincture may cause irritation.

    QAre children allowed to take Gasmyungsu F?

    A Toddlers under 1 year old may have convulsion, therefore it is not recommended to let them take.

    QIt is possible to purchase Gasmyungsu F in a supermarket or a convenience store?

    A Gasmyungsu F, being a general pharmaceutical, is not allowed to be sold in a supermarket, but to be purchased in a pharmacy only. However, Herbmyungsu, which is referred as a member of Gasmyungsu family, can be purchased easily in a supermarket or a convenience store as a food. Herbmyungsu is a drink product with ingredients of tangerine peel, cinnamon, ginseng and 건강 which help digestion, relieving the bloated stomach cool.